People Mag: Fascinating Window on Afghan Life Under the Taliban

August 18, 2011

Pick of the week – 4 stars!

When Kabul fell under Taliban control in September 1996, Kamela Sediqi’s life changed immediately and completely: The teen could no longer attend school; she had to wear a full-length burqa in public and be accompanied by a male relative – or risk being beaten by gangs enforcing the Taliban code of “moral purity.” How she and others coped and ultimately thrived is the subject of Lemmon’s transporting, enlightening book. To earn a living for herself and her five sisters, Kamela began to make and sell clothing. What began as a small concern grew into a business employing more than 34 women. Now Kamela, who met author Lemmon when the journalist was in Afghanistan researching a story, has launched a new company teaching women how to start new businesses. The Dressmaker is a fascinating window on Afghan life under the Taliban and a celebration of women the world over who support their loved ones with tenacity, inventiveness, and sheer guts.

Review in People Magazine – 3/18/2011