TEDxWomen: Changemakers Pushing Ahead

December 1, 2011

At Tedx Women today some incredible change makers stepped into action. Remarkable to see young girls talk about how they are pushing for change and determined to lead.  And to hear from Lebanon’s first female bomb clearing team leader about her work and her family’s view of its importance. And to listen to a talk about how the media is stacked against women — ignoring them as people and debasing them as objects.
The common thread: We must aim higher for women. Because women are aiming higher for themselves.  Microfinance is not enough. Women are capable of far more.  And we cannot be happy with just half-measures. Or depictions of women that focus on the way they look rather than what they think.

Read more about the speakers who took part in TedX Women here.  And I will post the links to the videos as they post.

In the meantime, if you want to read more about my talk about women as the answer to what ails the global economy – and the power of resilience to fuel that growth — read a terrific summary at Shawna’s Musings blog here


And send me your thoughts on the talk anytime.