They became a team, a band of sisters who answered the call.

But now they’ve become a part of history.


Ashley’s War

The book is a gripping, moving, and well–told war story, but more importantly it offers the first glimpse into a historic program.

— Kevin Maurer, Author of Gentlemen Bastards

An unforgettable story of female soldiers breaking the brass ceiling. This book will inspire you and remind you of the power that comes with defying limits.

— Sheryl Sandberg, Author of Lean In

This team forged the path for American women who serve in harm’s way all over the world and continue to make the ultimate sacrifice.

— Senator John McCain

Fascinating and often moving, Ashley’s War follows one of the early groups of women who volunteered to serve alongside special operations soldiers… Remarkable.

— Phil Klay, Author of Redeployment

Second Lieutenant White entered
the “ready room” and began preparing for the night of battle.

Kandahar, August 2011, 2200 hours: a narrow room just off a main hallway, lined with plywood shelves and plastic drawers stuffed with rolls of Velcro, electrical cables, and heavy–duty packing tape. The smell of gun oil clung to the air. White had written down the long list of gear, and now calmly grabbed items the mission required:

Helmet and night vision goggles. Check. Headset for communicating with platoon leader. Check. M4 rifle. Check. M9 pistol. Check. Ammunition for both. Check, check. Eye protection to keep dust and dirt from causing sudden blindness. Check. Notecards and pens to document everything that was said and found. Check. Clif Bars in case the mission went long. Check. Jolly Ranchers and Tootsie Rolls for village kids. Check. Tourniquets to stop the bleeding of a fellow soldier. Check. Medical gloves. Zip ties. Water.
Check. Check. Check.

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